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Who we are

VoiceLab advocates for adults under forty by facilitating community building, education and economic opportunities. Created in response to the growing pressures faced by under-40s related to housing, career prospects, education, and other features that have come to define ‘generation squeeze’, VoiceLab promotes civic engagement among our peers and advocates for young-adult policy in local government.

Last year, VoiceLab took its first steps by engaging our local community in questions about issues important to them. The results came back with dozens of major issues fighting for priority, from the usual suspects of housing and career, to transportation and child care, to issues such as drunk driving, difficulty accessing night events by transit, transit gaps, and legislation around ride sharing. Building a body of knowledge, VoiceLab provided consultation to local business start ups and brought important issues to the attention of established local organizations.

At the tail end of 2019, during the federal election, VoiceLab brought together election candidates and constituents under-40 to mingle over beer and wine at a 'meet the candidates' event at Roberts Creek Hall. The event was a great success at connecting our demographic to the political process, and in giving the candidates an opportunity to engage with our underserved community.

In 2020 VoiceLab has continued to deepen the roots of community engagement with Voice Socials held monthly to discuss a variety of topics. Socialization, thoughtful stimulation, and civic engagement were the orders of the day. With conditions changing in March, Voice has been supporting the physical distancing recommendations with the Voice Socials continuing over Zoom.

Driven by volunteers, VoiceLab has been established as a vehicle for the shared interests of individuals in the Coast’s under-40 demographic. Through engagement and support from the community we can identify challenges we encounter, find solutions, open doors, and bring us together.

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